Black Stallion Safety Clothing

Metalworking essentials for any experience level from a veteran to a novice. We stock a variety of Black Stallion stick, mig and tig welding gloves, plus their Leather welding coats and Welding Screens.

Steelmax Tools

Carrying a wide range of products from their magnetic Drills and annular cutters in 2” and also a 14” metal chop saw. We stock an array of Steelmax products. 


We carry a full line of Select-Arc flux cored and metal cored tubular welding electrode products including:  Carbon steel, low alloy, stainless steel, nickel alloy and hard surfacing electrodes. 

Optrel Welding Helmets

From our favorite Swiss helmet manufacturer Optrel, we carry models Crystal 2.0, Panoramaxx, E684, Liteflip Autopilot, Vegaview2.5, Neo p550, Weldcap Series, E650 and more.


We stock several of their welding machines from high customer demand. Such as their ViperMig 180 and their 30 Amp and 45 Amp plasma machines and all of their electronic welding helmets


Uniweld is our choice for all your metalworking essentials. We sell their torch outfits and cutting tips that are purely made in the USA.

Hyundai Welding

Hyundai welding is a global leader in the metalworking industry. We carry their 70s-6 Mig wire and there 71T-1 dual shield wire both in various sizes.


Having the largest welding alloys inventory in North America, Unibraze has an extensive collection of welding supplies. We sell their Cobalt #6 welding wire Tungsten Carbide Wires, Aluminum Welding Wires in various sizes.


Specializing in arc gouging torches, plasma, MIG, TIG, and power sources. We stock all of their LC-40 cable connectors, various sizes of weld Stingers and ground clamps. Along with their Innershield parts and guns.


ESAB delivers highly productive solutions to meet their customers requirements. With quality supplies such as arc welding consumables, filler metals, arc gouging (CAC-A) & exothermic cutting.

Bullard Abrasives

With an American made promise, Bullard Abrasives is the best in the industry for cutting and grinding wheels. We stock their Zircoceramic Flapwheels and various other grinding and cutting wheels.

CK Worldwide

Delivering the best in TIG welding performance, for over 50 years CK Worldwide manufactures the highest quality TIG torches and accessories.

Abicor Binzel

Bringing to market the most innovative, state-of-the-art technology, We stock several of their Abimig MIG welding guns in various sizes and carry all the consumables for their gun styles.


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